Childhood in Rostov.
It is at everyone, but remember only the good. How come Mom, I picked her gifts in Japan, and as I was driving to her through a huge country, in Kiev.
Boarding-house is too. And where now are my girls?

Every morning training started in half of the ninth and continued until seven or eight in the evening with only a short break which, incidentally, is not always released.

Daily - weighing. For a few extra grams - jumping until sleeves. The only day off - Sunday, the girls mostly just sleep to gain strength before the next week, or still came into the hall. it was not a walk, cinema, theater, museum time.

However, for those who really love the gym, endure such treatment is quite simple. Audiences are used to seeing the smiles on the carpet, the ease and beauty of the hill, but all the nerves of the training process, the emotional and physical exhaustion behind the scenes.

Interestingly, even a kind of "bullying" exists in the school. Senior gymnasts often give younger various assignments that they have to perform. For example, sending the younger of the forbidden sweets or ice cream. Then have to carry the bag by the coaches office. If caught, in any case can not issue a client, it is necessary to say that is all yours.

No wonder gymnastics called sport of beauty and grace. Always slim and graceful girl can easily regain the guys, but very often to the end of their sporting careers remain single.

Coaches give clear - any relationship a negative impact on employment, because thoughts are already far outside the gym. Therefore, despite the fact that the peers have long had an affair for gymnasts love has always been taboo.

- Neither I nor any of my teammates had never met with the guys. And, frankly, we were not to romance. We are so immersed in the sport that did not arise any thoughts about guys. Perhaps the older girls, and met with someone but I do not know.

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Personality development

The school fosters rebellious unit of society. I'm against it

Leader Growl

Everyone can be a master of his destiny. It must be taught


Every kid is unique. It only needs to hear. Learn to hear your baby

Work with the team

Communication skills is important. The team must be able to put yourself. And this should be taught

Ability to hear

This is a very important skill in life. Often we hear but do not hear. What people wants?

Ability to see

Learning to see the essence. The words - intentions under clothing - soul

About me

Make the world a better and cleaner. People need to live in healthy homes, children live with their parents, in peace and harmony. You say that it is easy and natural as breathing?

But this, this simple, many have not. And the fact that the concerns of the family and the world in general are trying to deprive us.

My friends scattered around the world. Who in Europe who are in Russia, and who in general was cast on the other side of the earth. But you are there with me. The Internet makes the world small and affordable.

Hello my dear! How are you? As if live good?

For me it's a way of life. Not a business and not a hobby - just life.

I was born on October 17, 1966, in Kiev, Ukraine - Soviet gymnast, the master of sports of international class. Trained by Vladislav Rastorotsky in "Dynamo" (Rostov-on-Don).
The world champion in the team competition (1983). Bronze medalist of the European championship in the all-around (1983). Champion of the USSR on the Balance Beam (1982), silver medalist in the all-around (1982).
Married, working in Visby, Sveden. )))

What I am able to

The development of people as a person 96%
Sport and harmonious development 70%
Winner strategy 60%
Education creation of images 90%
Understanding the world of unity 70%