The designer is an artist, which went beyond the canvas. Sculptor with clouds in the hands. It just makes the world beautiful around. And it always seems that it's easy! Just as breathing. And people admire - "a great work!" And it's just the wind suggested. Just water prozhurchala idea. This world is so - cool world, and we live in it.

We try to do it better. Tibetan monk, for example, can carefully sweep the yard. Watching the flight of each sheet under the broom, and realizing harmony and majesty of the world. This is Zen. And he's a designer. Blacksmith Rugged metal band creates a saber. Or Rose. Or hoe for the garden. He thinks about beauty, about the benefits of things on how to do the job better. He's metal designer? Undoubtedly!

A designer, in order to explain the essence of the master of his desire to tell what exactly we want to express in stone or metal, except he is not obliged to understand the soul of the wizard, to become the anvil, a computer or a machine?

Of course you want that your work has remained for centuries and make people happy for a long time. But it does not always have the opportunity to work with marble and metal. Therefore, the sand in the right place. eg time backfilled pit on the road is even nothing! And so it is now a time of rapid technologies, then the figure will go to the line. Computer is a very suitable tool!

That's the way we live, work well, so treat life. We, and the smiths, and masons, and sculptors, and craftsmen of wood and the vine. Much we can and know how, but even more we want to be able to. Come to us - and we will find what you are interested in!



Personality development

The school fosters rebellious unit of society. I'm against it

Leader Growl

Everyone can be a master of his destiny. It must be taught


Every kid is unique. It only needs to hear. Learn to hear your baby

Work with the team

Communication skills is important. The team must be able to put yourself. And this should be taught

Ability to hear

This is a very important skill in life. Often we hear but do not hear. What people wants?

Ability to see

Learning to see the essence. The words - intentions under clothing - soul

About me

Make the world a better and cleaner. People need to live in healthy homes, children live with their parents, in peace and harmony. You say that it is easy and natural as breathing?

But this, this simple, many have not. And the fact that the concerns of the family and the world in general are trying to deprive us.

My friends scattered around the world. Who in Europe who are in Russia, and who in general was cast on the other side of the earth. But you are there with me. The Internet makes the world small and affordable.

Hello my dear! How are you? As if live good?

For me it's a way of life. Not a business and not a hobby - just life.

I was born on October 17, 1966, in Kiev, Ukraine - Soviet gymnast, the master of sports of international class. Trained by Vladislav Rastorotsky in "Dynamo" (Rostov-on-Don).
The world champion in the team competition (1983). Bronze medalist of the European championship in the all-around (1983). Champion of the USSR on the Balance Beam (1982), silver medalist in the all-around (1982).
Married, working in Visby, Sveden. )))

What I am able to

The development of people as a person 96%
Sport and harmonious development 70%
Winner strategy 60%
Education creation of images 90%
Understanding the world of unity 70%