This article mainly concerns the artists - but also in artistic gymnastics have similar rules

At competitions in rhythmic gymnastics leotard is an integral part of the image generated gymnasts.

Individual sewing of swimsuit is made for a particular gymnast performance program and in accordance with the selected for this music. In the creation of an artistic image gymnasts entirely important swimsuit model, used colors of materials, elements of ornaments and decoration. Swimwear gymnasts are decorated with lots of rhinestones. As a rule, use Swarovski crystals.
Ready swimsuit for speeches should ideally be fitted on the figure gymnast.
Ultimately, at the concert swimsuit gymnasts must look impressive and meet the requirements.

Requirements for the fit and appearance of the gymnasts on the competition during the performance of individual and group exercises determines the International Federation of Gymnastics (International Gymnastics Federation).

During a speech to enable the judges to evaluate the expressive movements of the gymnasts, the correct position of different parts of the body (head, shoulders, torso, arms, legs), should be well-fitting swimsuit figure gymnast.

Correctness (propriety) gymnast leotard

Considerable attention is the rules for rhythmic gymnastics given modesty swimwear gymnasts.
gymnastics leotard must be opaque. Therefore swimsuit made of fabric neprosvechivayuschey.
If the areas of the chest and lower torso used inserts of lace, the insertion sites should be duplicated with opaque material.

Gymnasts are allowed to act as models swimwear sleeveless, but banned bathing suits with thin spaghetti straps.
Cutout swimsuit chest gymnasts (neck) should not be lower than the middle of the chest.
The depth of the notch on the back of the swimsuit - not below the shoulder blades.

Cut the bottom of the swimsuit (in the top of the gymnasts feet) should not extend to the groin.

Skirt for leotard gymnast

Leotard gymnasts can be with a short skirt, covering the pelvis only athletes, and fitting her thighs.
ultimate brilliance courage back view w640When sewing gymnastics leotard for presentations, you can choose any model skirts. The main requirement is that the skirt is always returned to the hip gymnasts. Accordingly skirt leotard should not be in the form tutu.
Restrictions on dressing and decorating skirts swimwear is not installed.

Leotards gymnasts in group exercises

Leotards all gymnasts team in group exercises must be identical.
All swimwear serving gymnasts group should be the same model, style, and color. Leotards are made of the same fabric.
Small differences in the finished bathing suits allowed if these swimsuits are cut from the same fabric with a pattern.

Overalls gymnasts

At the competition, instead of swimsuits gymnasts can act fitting jumpsuits. Such clothing gymnasts in Rules of Rhythmic Gymnastics in English is called «unitard».

Overalls gymnast must be full-length (to the ankle) and undivided (common).

Existing requirements for gymnasts overalls similar to the requirements for swimsuit.
Overalls should encircle the body and legs gymnast.
For overalls skirts are allowed. These requirements are similar to the requirements for swimsuit skirt.

The main requirement for the bottom of the suit: not allowed the so-called "effect of Harlequin". The color and length of the suit must be the same on both legs. The differences may be only in the drawing.

Other requirements for the clothes and appearance of gymnasts

In speeches gymnasts under swimsuit permitted to wear long stockings (to the ankle). The length and color of pantyhose fabric should be equal on both legs.

Perform the exercise a gymnast may either barefoot or in special gymnastic slippers.

Hairstyle gymnasts should be modest and neat.
Long hair gymnast not to interfere with the proper and safe conduct of exercise should be removed in the "tail".
The hairstyles gymnasts banned the use of sparkling sequins, feathers and large flowers.

Slight accurate facial cosmetics.

Prohibited jewelry and piercing, which can be dangerous for the gymnasts.

In speeches, the gymnast may use a bandage, bandages or other dressings only beige.

Penalties for violation of rules on dress and appearance

For violation of the requirements for the clothes and appearance of gymnasts in rhythmic gymnastics rules established sanctions.
Non-compliance to the regulations of fitness and appearance of the gymnast will be penalized 0.3 points
Non-compliance to official standards logos or advertising will be penalized 0.3 points
Using a color band will be penalized 0.3 points
The total amount of penalties will be deducted from the final evaluation of the performance of the gymnast or gymnasts group.

When sewing swimsuits gymnasts for the individual and for group performances need to take into account all the nuances of the current requirements.
Creating a leotard for gymnastics performances requires a professional selection of quality fabrics and elements of decoration.
Ready swimsuit should ideally correspond to the gymnasts and figure does not restrict the freedom of her movements when performing gymnastic exercises at the event.