If you are going to start a new active life, and you want to get rid not only of the problems with being overweight, but also improve your health, then you will likely find the time work out with me.

Together, let us make a small feats every day in the way of beauty, harmony, and above all health!

7 training principles

1. The basic principle, we will adhere to - a method of separate training, that is, we will be four times a week to work only with certain muscles during each workout, not to train the whole body.

2. Methodical. The exercises are arranged in a mini-complexes in a sequence that you need to follow to make it work most effectively for you.

3. Warm up and cool down. Each workout starts with a basic warm-up exercises to speed up blood flow. After all, if the body is warmed up, exercise efficiency becomes higher. The hitch includes breathing exercises and some light stretching exercises to release tension from the muscles.

4. The principle of overload. It is necessary to work out the desired muscle group with a load exceeding the usual level. Exercises should be performed with the maximum muscle tension throughout the range of motion. To reach their limits, and a bit to go for it.

5. The quality of the implementation. None of repetition exercises can not sacrifice quality performance, weaken the control of the movement and breathing. Our goal is to effectively work on the body. If you feel that the quality begins to suffer, stop, mobilize and start again. Perform each exercise, pay attention to the specific muscles and their actions, but always keep in mind what impact they have on the whole body. Quality and safety performance - the most important thing for us.

6. Control Principle. All exercises require full control over the movement. Do not attempt to use the force of gravity and make jerks, then to allow the force of inertia to complete the movement. Begin each exercise slow controlled movement and keep this control until the very end!

7. The method of "Three tempo" + Tabata training on the system.

Three of pace - alternating exercises in a slow, medium and fast tempo. We use this principle in order to feel how the muscles work, to give them an opportunity to remember the movement, thereby enabling "muscle memory." Just not to use momentum and effectively and properly to work the muscles.

Tabata - a kind of high-intensity interval training, which came up with the Japanese Izumi Tabata in 1996 - Tabata protocol.

Tabata is aimed at accelerating the metabolism, burning fat and strengthening the heart. Pohudatelnye Its strength is that it greatly accelerates the metabolism.

I was attracted to this type of training in its simplicity, accessibility, and that does not require a lot of time. I like to brace myself and charged with energy through motion.

The principle of exercise in two words: exercises are performed in a maximum-fast pace for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second break, 8 intervals (4 minutes). In each cycle repeats exactly as much as we can and want to.

It is estimated that over 2 to 3 days after a workout your metabolism running at high speed.

Attention! High-intensity training is right for you only if your heart is healthy. The frequency of intense training - no more than 2-3 times a week.