Recently I was invited to the Russian gymnastics school in Stockholm - Rysk Gymnastikförening.

Tatiana Laikova organize it - I know very well this girl. Perseverance, ability to bring the case to the end, passion and ability to work on the result. In the Rostov sportinternat we had one coach - Vera Tagirovna. Tatiana has always been keen on gymnastics. 

After moving to Sweden was emphatically to his dream. Now it is known in Swedish school that and know how to Russian gymnastics school. She invites you to his job coach athletes from Russia and Ukraine. Even our common and favorite coach - Tagirovna Vera also came here
And from what I saw there in the school has a great future.. Here, skilled organizers and good teachers - Tatyana Laikova highly maintains its reputation of the Soviet school gymnastics.

You want to know where it is? Right here:

Come, there is always looking for new people!